The Milky Way season brings with it loads of breathtaking photographs flaunting sparkly clear horizons and glimmering dark skies.

Thanks to one photographer, the magical beauty of the Milky Way was captured in Saudi Arabia this year. Mosaad AlKilabi, a Saudi national, put his lens to use and shared a sight that not everyone is lucky to witness first-hand. He shared the photographs on his Twitter account earlier this month. 

The 23-year-old told StepFeed he began capturing the images at 4 a.m. He took the photos in the coastal city of Al-Wajh in the northwestern part of the kingdom.

"The night of the Galaxy"

In a caption accompanied with the photographs, AlKilabi shared some words of poetry to depict the sight's beauty.

"Humans are victims of lies and liars, that is a fact. But, when the truth is out, it shines like a star in the sky ... unmasked and distinguished."

"Beautiful honestly"

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