Arab cordiality rules state that when we're out for a meal, we should strive to pay for everyone on the table. 

This explains why we're obsessed with making sure we get the bill when we're at a restaurant with family, friends, or even colleagues. 

This custom is so real we often end up fighting over who pays for who and the entire phenomenon turns into incidents that are simply too funny.

1. How Arab fights over paying the bill go down

2. They can get pretty intense

3. "When Arabs fight over the bill"

4. To say the least

5. Intensity level: Arabs fighting over a restaurant bill

6. The phenomenon often leads to pretty dramatic scenes

7. If this isn't an extreme sport, what is?

8. An Arab phenomenon that inspires humor

9. Because who else does this?

10. Fake news, Arab style

11. No stone left unturned... to pay that bill

12. Name one thing non-Arabs will never understand

13. Arab headlines be like

14. "I'm Arab. My parents taught me how to walk & and then how to pay a bill"