To many, "queer" and "Muslim" are considered two mutually exclusive terms, with many Muslims ostracizing the LGBTQI+ community.

The topic regularly stirs controversy among social media users, some of whom have been standing up for queer individuals in the Muslim community.

The case was no different when the debate was recently stirred on Twitter, leading to polarized views regarding homosexual Muslims.

During the past week, Twitter users have been sharing their thoughts on LGBTQI+ issues in Islam. While some insisted that being homosexual is unacceptable in the religion, others vehemently voiced support for homosexual Muslims.

This comes as traditional Islamic schools strictly forbid same-sex relationships, mainly based on the Qur'anic story of the Prophet Lut. 

As per the Qur'anic story, Prophet Lut lived among a community that was known for widespread homosexuality and "immoral behavior," and subsequently faced severe divine punishment for their acts.

However, according to Human Rights Campaign, "a growing number of Islamic scholars, mostly in the West, have been re-examining Islamic teachings" surrounding same-sex relationships.

Here's how Twitter users weighed in on the matter:

Many Muslims asserted that homosexuality is "haram"

And claimed that their stance does not make them homophobic

"Stop calling people homophobic for following their religion"

Meanwhile, some Muslims stood up for the queer community

And called out those who bully LGBTQI+ individuals into thinking they have no place in Islam

Because some arguments simply don't hold up

"Religion (any religion) doesn't give you a free pass to 'don't agree' with someone's sexuality or existence"

The Muslim and the queer communities should not be at odds

Others had more savage responses

Noting that those chastising the queer community are not stellar Muslims themselves

Several users went for the middle ground

"You respect these individuals and don't mistreat or abuse them"

Naturally, jokes were part of the conversation