When it comes to moving out, there's always a list of pros and cons that accompany the decision.

Despite the extreme noise at home and the many fights you've had with your mom over tidiness, there are little things you miss when you move out. But, you'll only get a taste of the suffering when you're alone.

So it's only natural to be fully prepared when you do ... and stealing a few things from your parents' home is definitely a starter:

Item #1: The famous winter blanket

Item #2: Shisha

A gathering is not really complete without shisha.

Item #3: Adorable coffee cups + rakweh

Item #4: Your moms' tupperwares

Because moms' tupperwares are just different than store-bought ones ... and we'll never know why.

Item #5: Frozen Arab meals

In doing so, you'll save loads of money (say goodbye to ordering in food) and you'll be doing your health a huge favor. Win-Win.

Item #6: Pita and markuk bread

Item #7: Your mom's cook book

Because frozen meals won't last forever.

Item #8: One of the JIF bottles under the sink

Remember how your mom always had a yellow bottle of JIF that she whipped out for the tough cleaning? Yes. That one. Take it and run. 

Item #9: The one and only loofah

Source: Instagram

Because this is the only way you know how to shower.