If we had to name one thing Arabs have mastered to perfection, the answer would be: cleaning in all its forms. 

Arab mothers take this craft a bit too seriously, so you better not mess with them ... especially amid the grand ménage, which - to be fair - should happen once a year, but happens once a week for them.

To prove just how far we go with cleaning, check out these funny posts:

1. When cleaning is a "fun" activity in disguise

Let's get the cleaning party started! 

2. When "hardcore cleaning" is the standard

3. When it's actually an extreme sport

4. When "cleaning clean rooms" is the norm

5. When cleaning > weekends

6. When cleaning tools have multifunctional

7. When cleaning once is not enough

8. When Arab moms go extra, like really extra

9. When it's an insult not to be fully prepared

One cleaning tool is never enough. You need mops, rags, and that one JIF spray to complete the cleaning session. 

Then, and only then, would you be considered ready.

10. When it's more of a passion than a necessity

11. When you're shamed for doing it wrong