Trending hashtag #LebaneseWords has taken over the country's Twitter, and its sole purpose is to educate non-Lebanese about the endless weird words they use.

Many of the expressions you're about to read make no sense whatsoever, but to those from Lebanon, they mean a whole lot...

Let's take a look at some of them:

1. "Walaw!"

2. "Bchil"

Or simply confirming your attendance or willingness to partake in a plan... AKA saying "in". 

3. A cross-cultural word with different meanings

4. When you're angry and "in your dreams" doesn't do the job

5. Tough love can be expressed with just two words

When your friends tell you to eat poison as you're having a meal, you know they're keepers.

6. Speaking of food...

"How much did you eat?

This means 'how many goals or points did you lose to?'"

7. On restlessness

"7izzik mizzik = Sirri mirri = going back and forth."

8. One word = a whole situation

"Ghachimeh = Stupid

Maf2ou3a = Careless 

Khales kaza = Brainless 

M3aje3jeh/Karboujeh = Fat or chubby 

Mtabba2 3a albeh w deyi2 khel2eh = I'm bored."

9. Did you know you can rent out your brain?

"Seems like you're renting your upper floor = You're stupid."

10. Veggies were brought into the conversation

Koussa - meaning zucchini in English - describes a problematic situation or someone stupid.  

11. The Lebanese version of "Inshallah"

Men zabbeta - meaning "we'll fix it" in English - is the inshallah of your parents... an indirect "no". 

12. And the Lebanese "2 minutes and I'll be there"

But of course, this "white lie" means this person won't be there before a few hours. 

13. Lebanese mothers have their own expressions

"Mother: get the thing from there ... 

And you always knew what she meant."

14. When asphalt means phone

"Mother: remove that asphalt from your hand = get rid of the phone and focus here."

15. Ragheb Alama is the perfect example here

"He includes himself in everything."

16. Embarrassing moments saved by camouflaged words

"Close the grocery store = zip your pants."

17. "Wala fuse = You're stupid"

18. When using a word to imply its opposite meaning

"You smartass = you idiot."

19. Might be used as a not-so-positive word...

"Chantir = a grown up (most likely acting like a child.)"

20. One story that sums the entire Lebanese slangs