Arabs love lions, and because of that they have fashioned names that pay tribute to the king of the jungle. 

There are almost 300 "lion" names, but here are our top 15.  

1- Shibel شبل

You will probably recognize this name from the famous Arabic proverb, “hatha al-shibel min zak al assad,” which translates to “this cub was born of this lion”. Its indicative of a powerful and successful breed, and a cub that can hunt on its own.  

2- Waard ورد

Yes, “waard” in Arabic means “flowers,” but the same word can also be used to describe a lion that has black strands in its mane.

3- Abbas عباس

Source: Atif Saeed

In Arabic, this name is given to the meanest and strongest lion in the pride! It is the lion that all others fear. 

4- Hareth حارث

Hareth is another name for cub -- usually used as “Abul Hareth”.

5- Feras فراس

Many Arab males are given then name Feras, which refers to a strong lion that hunts all day long and manages to finish its prey whole.  

6- Bassel باسل

Another popular name for Arab males. It means "fierce lion" -- always the first to sink its teeth and claws into any fight.

7- Bahnas بهنس

Source: GettyImages

Bahnas is a lion that has a lot of swagger and prances while walking. 

8- Hamza حمزة

One of the more popular "lion" names, it denotes power and leadership. Probably the most famous Hamza in Arab history is Hamza ibn Abdul-Muttalib, Prophet Muhammad’s paternal uncle.

9- Haidar حيدر

It refers to a handsome and rather plump lion. Another variation of this name is Haidarah or حيدرة.

10- Dhergham ضرغام

If your name is Dhergham then your name denotes fearlessness. More specifically it refers to a tough and fearless lion with magnificent sharp teeth!

11- Layth ليث

It is possibly the most popular "lion" name of them all! Layth means the brave lion. This name was immortalized in Al Mutanabbi’s verse: “When the lion bares his teeth, do not fancy that the lion shows to you a smile”.

12- Rebaal رئبال

It is the lion that has grown all its teeth. Rebaal  is also used to describe a cunning and malicious type of lion.

13- Mayyass مياس

Mayyass combines several descriptions: Handsome, proud, vain, and one who prances. It is also among the more popular "lion" names.  

14- Ghadhanfar غضنفر

The name itself denotes anger as does its sound. Ghadhanfar is the moody lion with a really vicious and short temper. Don’t mess with an Arab man named Ghadhanfar!

15- Furhud فُرهُد

It is a name for a younger, chubbier cub. And, we think that's adorable.