The Arab world's top innovators and inventors will once again have the chance to compete for a whopping $300,000 prize on the 9th season of Stars of Science.

Launched and funded by the Qatar Foundation, the Arabic reality TV show is driving interest in science and innovation. It has already helped propel numerous young Arab entrepreneurs and innovators to fulfill their dreams. 

Since the shows launch in 2008, winners and former competitors have raised $14,545,918 independently through revenues, venture capital, and research grants. They have also established numerous businesses around the region and have volunteered their time to encourage and inspire tens of thousands of Arab youth.

Previous contestants 'set the bar high'

"Stars of Science has developed into a powerful platform to supercharge innovative ideas and transform them into cutting-edge products," Dr. Fouad Mrad, who leads the show's jury, said in a statement.

"The show has been instrumental in shedding light on the endless possibilities of science in everyday life. The number of young Arabs filing for patents, starting businesses, and developing new products after participating on the show is testimony to this," he said.

Highlighting the immense success of past participants and winners, Dr. Mrad said: "they have set the bar high, so the new batch of innovators had better roll up their sleeves."

$600,000 in funding will be awarded

The show features ten episodes that challenge all innovators to outperform their competition in developing a unique invention. Episodes are grouped into four rounds – casting, prototyping, customer validation, and the finale. 

Dr. Mrad is joined by two other jury members, mentoring and judging the progress of the shows candidates. Four contestants eventually make it to the finale episode, where they compete for the grand prize of $300,000 in funding for their project.  

Finalists in second, third, and fourth place will be awarded $150,000, $100,000 and $50,000, respectively. 

Fostering 'positive change' in the region

"The objective of Stars of Science is to bring about positive change," Qatar Foundation’s Head of Press Khalifa Al Kubaisi said.

"The TV show offers a thought-provoking glimpse into amazing talents pushing boundaries to make that happen. They are bold and brave, but we also see them struggle with setbacks and obstacles. By encouraging young Arabs to become science and technology problem-solvers, we cultivate a culture of innovation and progress," he added.

Season 9 will air its first episode on September 23. Viewers can watch the show on LBCI, Oman TV, Echorouk TV, Al Roya, Al Sumaria TV, Nessma TV, Al Rai TV and online.