Baby Center, an interactive parenting network, has compiled a list of the top names in 2017 so far ... and a number of common Arabic names have landed a spot in the ranking.  

The list puts male and female names separately. 

Here are some of the top-ranked Arabic names that have been around for years. And they probably won't be going anywhere anytime soon. 

Enter male names:

Muhammad (No. 50)

Other versions of the above name also secured a spot in the ranking. 

Mohammed, spelled this way, ranked No. 161 and Mohamed ranked No. 351 on the list. 

Ali (No. 123)

Amir (No. 137)

Omar (No. 147)

Ahmad (No. 260)

Ahmed, spelled this way, ranked No. 313 on the list.  

Ibrahim (No. 266)

Yousef (No. 368)

Yusuf, spelled this way, ranked No. 407 and Youssef ranked No. 517. 

Khalil (No. 412)

Hassan & Khalid (No. 463)

Enter female names:

Nur (No. 117)

Noor, spelled this way, ranked No. 447 on the list. 

The name means light in Arabic.

Laila (No. 132)

Lyla, spelled this way, ranked No. 135 and Leila ranked No. 192 on the list. 

The name means night in Arabic.

Maryam (No. 163)

Mariam, spelled this way, ranked No. 274 on the list. 

Fatima (No. 245)

Lena (No. 293)

Amira (No. 315)

Aisha (No. 352)

Zahra (No. 392)

Alia (No. 401)

Salma (No. 442)

Zainab (No. 462)

Other names in the ranking

Male Names: 

Abdul (Arabic for servant of Allah) ranked No. 536, Sultan (Arabic for, well, sultan) ranked No. 610, Faisal (Arabic for judge) ranked No. 629, Kareem (Arabic for generous) ranked No. 644 and Fahad (Arabic for lynx) ranked No. 656 on the list. 

Female Names: 

Aya (Arabic for verse) ranked No. 502, Miriam ranked No. 601, Farah (Arabic for joy) ranked No. 678, Reem (Arabic for Gazelle) ranked No. 704, Malak (Arabic for angel) and Zaina (Arabic for beautiful) ranked No. 776 and Yasmin (Arabic for jasmine) ranked No. 787.