While super successful Palestinian-American models Bella and Gigi Hadid do enjoy the bulk of the attention in their family, they're not the only stars. 

Their father, Mohammad Hadid, is also the stuff of Hollywood, and he's currently starring in a Jon Travolta film. 

In an Instagram post he shared last week, the real estate mogul revealed he's been acting in the yet to be released feature Trading Paint

Captioning his post, Hadid wrote: 

"So proud and honored to be included in this amazing cast. Humbled by this experience... it's going to be an amazing movie. So excited to be a part of it. Filming in Alabama and in LA."

"Missing my days on set"

Naturally, people had a lot to say on social media

Many can't wait to see the film

Some showered Hadid with compliments

There were a few 'Mabrouks'

And naturally, a few mentions of Hadid's superstar kids