All it took was one viral tweet and a repost of it by a popular Facebook page to create one of the Internet's funniest Muslim wishlists. 

Mvslim - a platform that provides the space for all Muslims to come forward with their inspirations, life goals, worries, and anything that crosses their mind - is also a free forum for non-Muslims to get to know the community and drive them away from the negative stereotypes.  

The Facebook page, which has over 380,000 likes, is also where the latest entertaining thread happened. It all started afters a light-hearted old tweet by New York-based journalist Murtaza Hussain, whose work focuses on national security, foreign policy, and human rights, was reshared. 

In his viral tweet, Hussain suggested starting a rumor on how much Muslims hate donuts, just to get tons of them sent to mosques.

The followers on Mvslim's page went wild in the comments section, sharing the post over 1,300 times while listing items they "hate," like Murtaza suggested. 

We couldn't agree more; someone should really start rumors about donuts, croissants, cars, palaces, equality, human rights, proper education, and kittens. 

Here are some of the most hilarious comments for your enjoyment:

Here is the original tweet that started the entertaining wish list

I mean, of course we hate iPhones

And we just can't stand Nutella

Some even asked for donuts to be slammed in their face

It's widely known that Muslims hate Nandos

As for Trump, we're head over heels in love with the guy

Just remember to send those donuts on our cheat day

A few are focused on the bigger picture

What if the far-right groups took it seriously?

We despise money as well