Egyptian football legend and Liverpool player Mohamed Salah has been making strides in his career and fans are all there for it.

On Wednesday, Salah led the British club to score a Champions League quarter-final spot, after they won a game against FC Porto in Portugal. 

Given his impressive tally of scored goals this season, Liverpool fans can't get enough of the star and keep on creating chant after the other hailing him. 

After this week's game, things weren't so different, with fans belting out a new catchy chant. 

Sung to the tune of Dodgy’s 1996 hit single Good Enough, the song is going viral and people absolutely love it.  

The chant is going viral online...

And it's taking over social media

Everyone has its lyrics on repeat

Because it's pretty catchy

"That Mo Salah song is love!"

People are living for it

"Liverpool fans just killed off all the islamophobes with this latest one"

Many are calling the anthem a "precursor for world peace"

Others are fuming over how good the song is

"This new Mo Salah song is class"

"England has the best football fans"