On Monday night, singing sensation diva Maya Diab joined Lebanese host Pierre Rabat during the show "Menna w Jor" where she live tweeted to U.S. President Donald Trump, asking him to grant her a visa before starting "World War 3."

Maya Diab has been barred from entering the U.S. since 2014. She was placed on a "terror list" at the time, according to Annahar.

Since Trump's election, Diab thought it would be worth asking the new U.S. president for a favor. 

She went as far as to request an immediate response ... and that's when the Internet kind of lost it. 

Some didn't get her attempt at humor

One guy wanted Diab to play fair game, asking her to unblock him from Instagram

*And I want you to remove the block from Instagram because I did not do anything to you*

Others advised Trump to grant her an "immigration visa"

Warning Trump that he may live to regret his decision forever

Some proposed that she run for president

"You're famous bas mesh la darajeh enno Trump yred 3alayke"

*You're famous Maya, we get it. But not to the extent that elicits a response from Trump on Twitter*

Others truly believe Trump may answer, giving Diab advice on when to call him up

"Thank god visas aren't granted based on a person's IQ"

It all started in 2014, and now it continues ...

It's unclear why Maya was placed on the terror list, but it may be because she is the bomb!