Tired of seeing films about Egypt shot in Morocco featuring Euro-American actors? Then, you're in for a treat. 

Hollywood is set to be graced with a film that will not only be shot in Egypt, but will also feature an Egyptian cast. 

Action Film International has announced that its American production team will collaborate with an Egyptian cast and crew to produce a feature-length film titled, The Chosen Guard. The action film will be shot in both English and Arabic starting April.

Starring Egyptian actor, director and martial arts professional Yousef Mansour, the film's story-line will take place in ancient Egypt.

Mansour will also co-direct the film, alongside award-winning writer, director, and choreographer Courtney Miller, who has worked with Michael Jackson, Beyoncé, Usher and Britney Spears.

The Chosen Guard will revolve around a man who is chosen by the ancient Pharaohs to protect the last unopened artifact in ancient Egypt, The Golden Temple.

The film will be bustling with action, featuring martial arts, large dance numbers and epic car chases.

Kung-fu champion Youssef Mansour earned acclaim in the nineties for his martial arts films, including "Qabdet El Hilaly" and"El Shares". He also wrote, produced, directed and starred in "Badr" with 1999 Miss Egypt, Injy Abdalla.

Producers hope to boost tourism in Egypt

"The writer and producers intend that the film will showcase the attractiveness of Egypt, with her hospitable and lovely people, in a way that invites all audiences to come and experience this wonderful country for themselves," the production company said in a press release

The film's success may attract tourists to Egypt and encourage producers to film movies in the country, as they have often shot movies about Egypt in others. 

The Mummy, whose plot is set in ancient Egypt, and The Night Manager, which features a Egyptian hotel during the Arab Spring, are two of many movies and television series that were shot in Morocco despite revolving around an Egyptian plot.

Last year, Gods of Egypt  caused a media uproar for its "white vision of Egypt". Filmed in Australia and featuring actors who are of predominantly European ancestry, the movie failed in aptly portraying ancient Egyptian deities.

Here's hoping The Chosen Guard sets the record straight!

The best part is: You have a shot at acting in the film

Auditions for The Chosen Guard  will be held in Cairo in March. Yalla, Hollywood is calling!