Ever felt like the emojis you so frequently use don't represent you or your Arab friends properly?

What about our food? We know Arabs have the best cuisine, yet no representation! 

Well, we're finally getting recognized! Say hello to the Khaleeji Emojis! 

Halla Walla Emojis, a new keyboard emoji & sticker app, has released a bunch of authentic Arab (particularly Khaleeji) emojis, which can be downloaded off the app store for $1.99. 

We love these emojis because they show us what chats have been lacking all along. 

A new way to say I'm in trouble with mom

Our favorite snack as kids

The phrase we can't do without

"We wanted to change the perception of Arabs in the Western World – especially now with all that is happening in the world," Halla Walla co-founder Yasmin Rasool told What's On Dubai.

Not a moment too soon. These emojis will change the social media world as we know it!