With the endless array of options available in the market, deciding to switch phones and choosing a new one can be quite confusing.

The case is no different for Arabs, many of whom are constantly on the lookout for the latest gems in the tech world.

So, what do we search for in a new phone? Here are 10 features that would certainly seal the deal if you're Arab:

1. A high-speed camera to capture those intense dabke moves

We take dabke very seriously, always pushing our limits and getting creative with the traditional Levantine folk dance, so it's only fair that we document these talents in high-quality videos.

2. "Water and dust resistant" is music to your ears

The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is your best bet at getting the most out of swimming in Lebanon's beaches and maneuvering the UAE's desert safaris. 

With a rating of IP68 - "guarantees protection in water up to 30 meters deep for" half an hour - the smartphone is protected against dust, dirt, sand, and of course, water.

3. Extra storage space to save the ever-hilarious Arab memes

You can't help but save funny Arab memes on a daily basis because, let's face it, they never fail to make your day.

4. And of course, to store all your photos

You're taking epic photos that will undoubtedly give your Instagram page the boost it needs, when you receive a notification that reads "Insufficient Storage." 

If that scenario rings a bell, it's probably a good idea to upgrade to a phone with larger storage space.

5. A camera to take photos like a true #influencer

You need a camera that will allow you to type #notfilter... and actually mean it.

From the ones capturing your special moments with loved ones to those showcasing the beauty of your hometown, your photos would be effortlessly Instagram-worthy with the Note 9's dual-camera system.

6. A wide display screen to watch "musalsalat"

You wouldn't need to go through the hassle of turning on your laptop to binge-watch your favorite television series when you have a phone featuring an Infinity Display screen.

7. Or even better yet, use all the GB you need for faster streaming

Especially with an installment plan providing all the gigabytes you need for online streaming and receiving your family's endless messages and "sabah l wared" videos. 

8. Cool gadgets that make you marvel at the brilliance of technology

remote-like stylus pen that lets you control your phone and snap photos from a distance... Yes, please!

9. A unique feature that detects flaws in photos

How many times have you been frustrated with a flaw ruining an otherwise-perfect photo?

Well, with Note 9's Flaw Detection feature, you would be alerted if you have blinked and if the image is blurry or has excessive back-lighting.

10. A longer-lasting battery

How else would you survive boring family gatherings during Eid and long road-trips to the day3a (village)? 

Samsung's Galaxy Note 9 is the upgrade you need

Source: Du.ae/note9

From its 6.4-inch Infinity Display screen and 4,000 mAh battery, to its 6GB of RAM and 256GB of internal storage, the smartphone has all the features you're seeking in a new phone.  

That's not all! If you live in the UAE, du is offering the Note 9 smartphone with postpaid plan packages that cater to your different needs. 

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