Lebanese multi-platinum singer Najwa Karam definitely knows how to keep her fans entertained ... and it has nothing to do with producing music. 

If you follow the 52-year-old singer on social media, then you already know what we're talking about. With over 7.7 million followers on Twitter, Karam receives hundreds of thousands of tweets directed at her daily. 

To her fans' surprise, Karam makes sure to reply to a few of them ... and the trolling level is pretty epic.

1. On teasing fans

Twitter user: "My name isn't Fattouma if this tweet is not followed by a release of a new song." 

Najwa Karam: "Pick a name."

2. On not giving a definite answer

Twitter user: "Is is true that you will be performing, Miss Najwa?" 

Najwa Karam: "Nchallah."

3. On keeping conversations to a minimum

Twitter user: "Can you please say something?"

Najwa Karam: "Something."

4. On fangirling not meaning a thing to Karam

Twitter user: "I am going to have a stroke, please answer me."

Najwa Karam: "Mmmm."

5. On handing out kiss emojis

Twitter user: "Can I please have a kiss?"

Najwa Karam: " 😘"

6. On being tired of the pettiness

Twitter user: "You replied to every single person from my squad except for me, subhanallah."

Najwa Karam: "AKH."

7. On being pretty humble

Twitter user: "My well-being is in need of a word from you." 

Najwa Karam: "Be happy, there is nothing worth it in this world." 

8. On screaming fans

Twitter user: "Najjjwaaaa, please don't make me scream more than this, my vocal chords are rusted and I can't talk."

Najwa Karam: "A cup of herbal tea would be good for you."

9. On fake models from China

Twitter user: "We are going to make a copy of you if you'll allow us." 

Najwa Karam: "China?"

10. On supporting winning teams ONLY

Twitter user: "Which World Cup team are you rooting for?"

Najwa Karam: "The winning team."