Have you ever woken up on the wrong side of the bed only to discover that your tube of toothpaste is nearly empty and that your carton of milk is not nearly enough for your bowl of cereal?

Well, that's basically how a shit day starts. 

If anyone knows what it means to survive "khara" ... it's Arabs.

But, we've learned to cope with it the best way we know how ... using humor.

1. When you just wake up in a shitty mood

2. When everything about your life is shit, including the street you live in

3. When you try so hard not to express the shit you're going through

4. When you start taking pills to cope with the shit in your life

5. When you become a passive receiver of shit

6. When you genuinely believe your parents should have named you shit

7. When you've had enough of life's shitty problems

8. When you can't even show love for shit ... even if your life depended on it