Egyptians can speak in 'car horn,' as in use the sound-making device to communicate complex and deep messages

We do it when stuck in traffic, at stop lights, and basically anywhere a familiar face is found.  

Here is why:

1. It's a very popular way to say hello to your friends if you meet them on the way

And maybe strike up a conversation at stop lights, leading to more honking by delayed commuters. 

2. It's also a way to call out bad drivers

Forget noise pollution, uninterrupted car honking seems quite convenient and expressive at such times.

3. Unleash the car horn to ask for permission to go through

Would you allow me, kind sir, to pass through? *BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP* 

4. You thank the driver who let you through by honking as well

Thank you, kind sir. I don't deserve such well-mannered treatment. 

5. Some angry drivers use car horns to protest stop lights

This is when you get a collective honking uproar.  

6. We also use car horns to greet the bride and groom at any typical street wedding procession

The happy pack must let the whole country know that they are celebrating, by no other mean than honking, of course.