The Rich Kids of Instagram have taken the social media world by storm, making international headlines for, well, being rich. 

The Arab world has joined in on the luxury trend with their very own Instagram accounts that include versions from Dubai, Beirut, Tunisia, and Morocco. 

If you're wondering how the rich kids of these countries spend their summers, here's a walk-through:

1. On top of buildings overlooking Dubai Marina

2. On a yacht against a Dubai skyline backdrop

3. In cars as lit as those in Tunisia

4. In pimped out cars surrounded by camels

5. Poolside vibes in Tunisia be like

6. Beirut pools aren't complete without these hats

7. Dubai beach vibes are on fire

8. "Magic Mike" style nights in Tunisia

9. Yacht trips in Morocco

10. Not to forget boat trips in Anfeh, Lebanon

11. Chilling on a sports cars on the sand like it's easy