When it comes to dates, it isn't always easy to find a cool spot for a nice evening spent with your loved one. 

You might be creative, romantic, fun, and the most outgoing person, but help is always needed when it's a matter of pleasing your partner. 

Amman has endless possibilities and some of the best places for couples looking for good food and even better vibes. 

Wine and dine with our list of restaurants in Amman for brilliant dates:

1. Skyline Sushi

You can never go wrong with sushi on a date. 

Skyline Sushi is located on the rooftop of the Landmark Hotel. Set aside the good food and vibes, the staff will teach you how to do an origami crane.

For every 100 cranes, the hotel and restaurant promise to grant the wish of one ill child. 

I highly recommend you keep some room for dessert. We recommend the green tea and date cake.

2. La Capitale

If you're looking to impress your date with a soirée raffinée, then La Capitale is the place for you.  

Located in the Four Seasons, La Capitale is the first and only French Brasserie in Amman. Whether you're going for a drink or dinner, their signature cocktails and classic French dishes will definitely earn you another date.  

3. Lucca Steakhouse

Lucca Steakhouse is dedicated to all meat lovers who enjoy a great piece of juicy steak

The restaurant's atmosphere and menu will surely satisfy couples with a big appetite. As an activity, you can show off your knowledge of meat and pick whatever you want from their fridge

4. Little Italy

Little Italy is one of those magical restaurants where the nature of the setting makes up the whole experience. 

It has two branches, one in Taj Mall and the other in Abdoun (specialized in pizza). Both have beautiful gardens with those twinkly lights that have the power to turn a failing night into the most romantic one. 

5. Thai Room

Amman is still discovering its identity with food, introducing cuisines from around the world. 

If you are into exotic flavors and spices, then Thai Room is most certainly a destination for your taste buds. The food is fantastic and is only put into contrast by the restaurant's traditional interior decor.

6. Cantaloupe

This place is a classic and probably your best option for summer. 

Cantaloupe has amazing food, yet what makes it your first choice is the rooftop bar overlooking all of Amman. 

All you have to do is get your date a drink and watch the sunset together.