There's a trend currently making the rounds when it comes to our food, and that trend is all about 'Westernizing' traditional Middle Eastern dishes. 

From falafel, which has been turned to  green burgers to knefeh (avocado knefeh,) and shawarma (sushi shawarma), there seems to be no end to it. 

But tabbouleh is sacred to us, so when people who have no idea what tabbouleh is appropriate it into unrecognizable dishes, we're less than impressed. 

These examples are total fails, and we're not afraid to expose them! 

This is what tabbouleh actually looks like:

Ingredients: Parsley, mint, tomatoes, onions, olive oil, lemon, salt, pepper, bulgur.

And this is what they've turned it into: 

Exhibit #1: A quinoa tabbouleh, minus tabbouleh ingredients

Kudos for the attempt, but why call it tabbouleh if it's not even tabbouleh? 

Exhibit #2: Halloumi quinoa tabbouleh?

More like a mathematical equation: 

Halloumi + quinoa + parsley = Quinhallousley 

Exhibit #3: Spaghetti squash tabbouleh salad

Spaghetti copy-cat with pieces of parsley. 

Exhibit #4: Tabbouleh with a dash of batenjan and lentils?

Yeah, it looks good and healthy.. 


Exhibit #5: Sweet potato loaded with tabbouleh

Me: *reads menu at local hipster restaurant and sees 'sweet potato with quinoa tabbouleh' on it* 

Me to me: "I don't want to live on this planet anymore" 

Exhibit #6: Tabbouleh or quinoa with pieces of parsley?

Can you even see the tabbouleh? 

Exhibit #7: "A party dish with pomegranate tabbouleh in rice paper rolls"

Let's get one thing straight: tabbouleh is not a wrap, it is it meant to be put inside a wrap. Unless that wrap is pieces of lettuce, cabbage or vine leaves.

Exhibit #8: Starbucks even joined with its own 'vegan' tabbouleh ... with 'cauliflower'

Source: Starbucks

Wait, what? Isn't traditional tabbouleh vegan to begin with?

Exhibit #9: Lentil tabbouleh with cherry tomatoes

Cherry tomatoes? Since when does tabbouleh have halves of cherry tomatoes in it? 

No. Just no.