Egyptians' relationship with ta3meya is one not to mess with. Seriously. 

The beans and chickpeas snack is one that is both traditional and loved by all, so it's only natural that Egyptians feel the need to protect it. 

So, what happens when someone decides to call ta3meya "green burger"? 

All sorts of memes... because did the world really need yet another fancy burger to be added to the quinoa burgers and cauliflower burgers?

One decided to give all Egyptian meals a similar update ...

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"La ilaha ila allahs" were in order

"I'm not ta3meya ... I'm green burger," falafel says. ME:

Some took the news to heart

Zalabiyeh = Greek Donuts?

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"It's called ta3meya .... you dirty fools."

Koshary = Egyptian Pasta?

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Note to self: taratoor = white sauce

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How to respond to people who actually start using "green burger" in discussions:

The official guide to fancy Egyptian talk: