Lebanon is the right place to enjoy your time and discover new destinations. Whether you're a local or a foreigner, a trip through this, let's just say perplexing country, is bound to become an adventure. 

You've either been to or know about all the fascinating sightseeing locations like Bartoun, Byblos, Tannourine, Baalbek, and many more. It is now time to start visiting the chill and cool places this summer. Lebanon has a lot to offer to its locals and visitors. 

We've compiled this list for your convenience. 

1. Coffee with F.R.I.E.N.D.S.

How many of us have watched the series F.R.I.E.N.D.S. over and again? 

Their epic meeting point, Central Perk, has its doppelganger right here in Lebanon. 

Unicorn Coffee House, located in Broummana, is a coffee shop owned by two best friends. Ask for their opinion on coffee or tea, you'll feel like you're chatting with a search engine. They even serve homemade desserts made by one of the owners' mother. 

2. Lebanese food made simple

Café Em Nazih in Gemmayzeh got its name from its actual owner, Em Nazih. 

What's cool about this place is that it provides the greatest Lebanese food and music, along with daily Middle Eastern dishes, at affordable prices.  

The restaurant is found in an old house and has an outdoor seating nestled between the trees. It is known for its quiz nights, self-service, and friendly staff. 

3. Bottoms up!

Done feasting at Em Nazih? How about you go up the flight of stairs in the restaurant's same building for a drink? 

There, you'll find Beirut’s most alternative rooftop, Coop D’etat, where you can enjoy great music amid a laidback atmosphere. 

The environment is fresh and young. The building is also a hotel.

4. Lebanese food and a swim

Here's a nice twist, Bayt Em Nazih, located in Hamra, has the same concept as Café Em Nazih. Only this time, on the rooftop you will find Pool D’etat. Both concepts are owned by the same people, so they move together.

A pool right in the middle of the city, featuring a full bar and good vibes, is the place to be. You'll find even more amusing people there as the building is also a hotel!  

5. One cuisine is never enough

Now let's bounce to Mar Mikhael where Makan, an international cuisine restaurant, is nuzzled in a three-storey residence. 

This place is known for its exotic dishes. Every three days, an ethnic cuisine is prepared by each country's seasoned chef. What makes it even more special is its “pay what you think is fair” policy. 

Sounds fair enough to me.

6. The 0 degree lake

Let's head to Ô-Glacée Beach Bar in Batroun where days never end. Open till midnight, this beach actually has a freezing lake to chill in. Worth a try during hot summer days.

The music is always managed by a known DJ or a talented band, making it a great place to be at, for great prices too! 

7. Pump it up!

If we move a tiny bit further into Batroun, we would get to Kfaar Aabida where Danys Beach Bar is. 

An eco-friendly wooden deck is built above water for us to enjoy ourselves on. It also has the best seafood in the region. 

For some water activities, there are SUPs (stand up paddles,) body boards, and snorkeling kits available for rental. It doesn't stop there, nightlife is on the go Thursday through Saturday; while every Sunday, around sunset, you will find a band performing.

8. Now let's calm it down again

A trip to Sour is always a good idea. Not only should you visit the archaeological areas, the Phoenician Port, the Roman hippodrome, and the old Necropolis, which were added to the UNESCO World Heritage list in 1984; you should also spend a couple of days there. 

Dar Alma Hotel, a 19th-century traditional Lebanese house located in one of the oldest neighborhoods of Sour, is a charming destination for a summer weekend. It is built to hang halfway between the land and the sea and offers its guests private access to the beach.