Mohammad Henedy

It's not uncommon to find pro-Israeli or Zionist social media users/pages prying on the Arab world's arts and culture scene online.

A well-known aspect of Israel's agenda is to use "cultural normalization" in order to promote its image as a "peaceful neighbor" to people across the region.

In recent years, social media has become a huge part of that, with the occupying state attempting to break barriers with Arabs online time and again.

This time, the attempt targeted popular Egyptian actor and comedian Mohamed Henedy.

Over the weekend, the actor, who's known for taking a stance against Israel in several of his films, launched a Twitter Q&A session with his fans on the platform

One of the questions he received came from tweep, Yonatan Gonen, who also happens to be the head of "digital diplomacy" at Israel's Ministry of Foreign Affairs. 

In a tweet directed at the Arab star, Gonen told him he has huge following in Israel. 

Henedy's response? A tongue-in-cheek hit back...

It all started when Gonen joined in on the Twitter session...

"I liked the hashtag #ASKHenedy, which was launched by the Egyptian star's fans. On this occasion, I'd like to join in and ask him: Are you planning a sequel to your film 'Sa3eedi in the American University?' Do you know that you have a huge fan base in Israel?" 

But then Henedy quickly shut him down...

"If that's the case I am just going to shut down my entire Twitter, Yonatan."

People were all there for it

And joined the actor in hitting back...

"You better get out of here now."

"Didn't you burn down their flag in one of your films?"

"Maybe they've erased that part." 

"And here's a list of your Israeli fans' names..."

The trolling was endless

"Who's this Israel??! Where does it exist on the globe?" 

"There's no country called Israel"

"There's an occupying state and those who deal with it, even if culturally, can't be one of us." 

Palestinian fans loved the actors' comeback

"You're great Henedy... a salute to you all the way from Palestine." 

"I swear you're a hero"

Because what's Arab Twitter without its king?

"You're the best thing on Twitter." 

Long live the king of Arab Twitter