Tuesday morning’s heavy fog was the cause of two multi-vehicle accidents, which affected numerous cars on the major highway that links Dubai and Abu Dhabi, according to Gulf News. 

The two separate accidents were reported at around 8.30 am and 10 am on Tuesday morning, and brought cars to a complete standstill.

Abu Dhabi Police and traffic authorities in the capital have warned motorists to take alternative routes.

A total of 22 people were injured and 44 cars were crashed. 18 of those sustained minor injuries, 2 sustained serious injuries, and 2 others received moderate injuries, Gulf News reported.

The second accident was reported after the Al Hair district of Al Ain, towards the Nahel area. Abu Dhabi Police posted footage of the wreckage online. In it, police and paramedics can be seen rushing to the accident site.

"Police call on the public to be cautious and leave a safe distance between vehicles during the fog. Abu Dhabi Police published the video to raise the public’s awareness on driving safely."