Egyptian social media star Mohammed Tarek breaks the internet with his viral song covers and epic rants every single time he uploads a video.

Things weren't different at all on Tuesday when he decided to post his latest video, in which he criticized people who slurp their tea. Towards the end of the clip, no Egyptian words were left for the comedian to express his anger, so he resorted to Saudi dialect. 

Yep, Tarek actually broke into a khaleeji accent at the end of his video and sent his fans into a frenzy. 

In a follow up tweet posted under his video, the social media personality asked people not to judge him over his Saudi accent.

Now people are all used to Tarek's hilarious take on Arab-English accents but this Khaleeji one tops it off. 

The six seconds that broke the internet

"He broke into Khaleeji accent I'm dying"

Some loved it

"He killed me when he switched to Saudi." 

"The best thing is the Saudi accent at the end"

"2eish hatha"

"Mastering languages... you're good"

The best Saudi accent out there?

"The best person to impersonate Saudis." 

People couldn't stop laughing

A few tweeps weren't impressed by the accent, though

"You butchered my accent"