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Mohammed Tarek Source: Twitter/mohammedtarekO

Egyptian social media star Mohammed Tarek is no stranger to breaking the internet with viral song covers and videos.

On Monday, the comedian went viral (yet again) over his epic Valentine's Day rant uploaded to Facebook. Just a few hours after it was posted, the video amassed over a quarter million views. 

In it, Tarek shares a few straightforward words for those who celebrate the occasion. 

Tarek's Valentine's Day wishes have sparked a hilarious meltdown among users. 

So many people related to Tarek's rant

"You remind me of me"

"When we walk down a street on Valentine's Day"

"When I spot a couple"

"When I see someone giving his girlfriend a gift"

Valentine's Day haters be like

No lies

"When I see happiness coming my way"

"Happy Valentine's ... zeft"