Ever walked down a street just to see a random person miming and lip-syncing to a famous song on playback all while pretending to be its real singer? No? Well you haven't been to Egypt then. 

Earlier this week, footage of a man walking down a street in Egypt singing along to a tune by Saudi star Mohammed Abdo left people in need of a new jaw. The clip captures the man strolling down a sidewalk with a megaphone and speakers playing the music, as a friend follows him to film the entire thing. 

A passerby spotted the two, captured the incident in a video, and gave Arabs of the internet good material for years to come.

"He's playing Mohamed Abdo on the microphone pretending to be the one singing and has this man following him to film the entire thing and make it look like he's famous."

The clip was first posted on Saturday by Saudi tweep Youssef Abdullah. It has since amassed a good 1.42 million views.

Though some felt like playing along...

"Ah, the emotions in his voice."

Others were trying to comprehend the situation

"At least play this part without the music." 

"I just want to tell you that this mobile doesn't even have a camera"

Many couldn't stop laughing

"I swear I haven't laughed like this in a while."

And they've been at it for days

"I've been laughing for two days."

"It [Egypt] didn't become Umm El Dunia [Mother of the World] for no reason"

People had questions

"I want to believe him but where's the music coming from?"

Mainly about the music

"Mashallah, the voice comes from the throat. But where does the oud come from? The stomach or the liver or where?"

Others tried to answer these questions

"The oud player is sitting in the cameraman's bag."

What many agreed upon is how relatable this video is

"Me when I reach 50."

"Me and my bestie supporting each other's shit"