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The Dubai Land Department has just updated its online Rental Increase Calculator and it will tell you exactly how much rent you should be paying and whether you will be due a rental increase when your lease is up.

The online tool is updated once a year, so the results that appear on the website this week are the recommendations for the whole of 2018.

If the rent has decreased or increased really depends on the suburb of Dubai you are living in or looking to rent. The rents of some areas are down whilst others are up. 

In general, however, it seems that the freehold areas have fluctuated more than the more established neighborhoods in Bur Dubai and Deira. Also, in some suburbs, the lower end of the bracket hasn’t changed, but the higher end has, and vice versa...

According to the portal, a one-bedroom apartment in Dubai Marina is listed at between 70,000 - 110,000 dirhams, Business Bay is calculated at 75,000 - 105,000 dirhams, whilst JLT (Jumeirah Lake Towers) is around 65,000 - 95,000 dirhams per year.

A one-bedroom apartment in Burj Khalifa can cost anywhere between 160,000 - 170,000 dirhams and 100,000 - 155,000 dirhams for the Palm Jumeirah location. Someone interested in moving to Downtown Dubai should set aside 80,000 - 105,000 dirhams. 

Apart from residential areas, the online tool also gives you the average rental prices and increases for commercial units, industrial buildings, staff accommodation, and land.

You can check out the Rental Increase Calculator for yourself, in EnglishFrench, or Arabic...

Rent in UAE amongst highest in the world

According to a report that was published by Global Cities Business Alliance last year, the average rent expenses in Abu Dhabi equal nearly 70 percent of the average net earnings, whereas in Dubai they equate to just over 55 percent.

Averaging $2,460 per month, Abu Dhabi had the 3rd highest rent of all the cities that were included in the report. 

Additionally, when taking into consideration average net earnings compared to average housing costs, Abu Dhabi came in as the second-most expensive city after Beijing.