The 2018 FIFA World Cup fever seems to have officially spread to Arab weddings...

Earlier this week, a video of a Kuwaiti wedding, where a groom put up a huge screen for his guests to watch a live game, circulated online after it was uploaded on Twitter.

In it, a huge screen can be seen in a men's only ballroom where the celebrations were taking place.

While it remains unconfirmed when the video was shot, it's now making the rounds online and sending Kuwaiti tweeps into a hilarious meltdown.

The World Cup wedding sparked a hilarious frenzy

Some thought it was a bit "too much"

Others reacted to it with humor

"People who know exactly what their guests want."

"Let some people know that we breathe football"

"A cool idea"

"He did this so people wouldn't skip his wedding"

"This groom knows what he's doing"

"You could've offered them shisha too"

"Alf mabrook w goallllll"

Not the first time this happens

Earlier this year, a man who was invited to a wedding in Oman tweeted a photo of a screen put up for guests to watch one of the Gulf Cup football tournaments.

It seems to be a long-standing wedding tradition in the Gulf

Back in 2013, a UAE wedding went viral after a groom decided to put up a huge screen for his guests to watch a football match too.