On Friday, a Bangladeshi man committed suicide by throwing himself to death from the first floor of Mecca's Grand Mosque.

He fell into the Kaaba circumambulation area where worshippers were circling the sacred structure and onto a Sudanese man who was praying, causing him serious fractures and injuries, according to Gulf News.

Following the shocking incident at Islam's holiest site, Saudi security forces immediately reviewed the surveillance footage and have since confirmed the death to be a case of suicide.

According to the CCTV recordings, the man can be seen jumping over the fence on the first floor and into the crowd on the ground floor.

Source: Getty Images

The second case of suicide at Islam's holiest site within a week

Islam, just like other monotheistic religions, prohibits suicide. However, this isn't the first tragic case that occurred in Mecca within the same week.

Last Saturday, a Frenchman committed suicide by jumping from the roof of the Grand Mosque, according to the Saudi Press Agency (SPA).

At the time, disturbing footage from the inside of the holy site showed the man falling as crowds gathered for Friday prayers during Ramadan.

A cry of horror went up among the pilgrims as they helplessly watched the man fall. Local police officers and paramedics were seen desperately trying to revive the man.

Additionally, in February 2017, a Saudi man tried to set himself on fire in front of the Kaaba after soaking himself with petrol but was stopped by police.

The Kaaba is central to the Islamic faith, with Muslims required to face in its direction when performing daily prayers.