Azealia Banks
Azealia Banks Source: WikiMedia

American rapper Azealia Banks couldn't believe the amount of racism and disrespect she encountered on a recent trip to Israel.

Banks posted on Twitter saying the experience was so bad, she will "never ever ever ever ever go to Israel again." 

She went on to say: "Y'all country is nuts."

On Monday night, Banks performed in Tel Aviv and according to her tweets, she endured a lot of disrespect and racism throughout the time she was in the country.

Everywhere she went, she felt disrespected

In restaurants, in grocery stores ... everywhere

She couldn't understand why she was treated so poorly

But it got even crazier on the flight back ... when a rabbi offered her money for sex

Then, an old Jewish woman was so mean it made her cry...

All things considered, Banks has no plans of returning to Israel

Bizarrely, she also called Israel one of the "witchiest places" she's ever been

In her own words, Banks knows "a lot about religions, magic, and world history."

Racism is definitely a reality in Israel

While Banks is no stranger to provocative and attention-grabbing Twitter posts, her assessment of Israel isn't very shocking.

Even an editorial by the centrist Israeli newspaper, The Jerusalem Post, published in March, calls out the country for overt racism against "Blacks from anywhere." This racism comes not just from the people but also from the government.

"Blacks from anywhere, be it Africa or America, are viewed with suspicion and given special treatment by the [Interior] Ministry," Reuven Hammer, former president of the International Rabbinical Assembly, wrote in the article.

Hammer also called out his country's well-documented racism against Arabs.

"Furthermore, what is this commission doing with regard to racial discrimination here against Arabs and against non-Jews in general? What are we doing to educate people not to shout 'Death to Arabs' at sporting events or to write it on homes? What about educating young people that we do not desecrate non-Jewish houses of worship?"

Israel is currently in the process of forcibly deporting about 40,000 African refugees, primarily Christians and Muslims from Eritrea and Sudan. 

The government has already forced approximately 20,000 others to leave. African immigrants in Israel have regularly been the victims of hate crimes, including violent murders.