A Saudi couple whose infant daughter was murdered by an Indonesian domestic worker shocked thousands after they recently decided to pay her a visit in her home country, Akhbaar 24 reported

The visit came years after the convicted murderer was sentenced to death by a Saudi court for suffocating the couple's daughter using a pillow in 2009.

At the time, the victim's father, Ghaleb bin Nasser Al Balwi, and his wife forgave the convicted murderer, sparing her from the death penalty. 

After serving her prison term in Saudi Arabia, the woman was deported back to her home country in March last year.

Months later, Al Balwi and his wife were invited to visit Indonesia by the Indonesian government who wanted to honor and thank them for forgiving the domestic worker.

During the trip, they visited the woman who murdered their daughter

The couple visited Saudi Arabia's embassy in Indonesia and were received by the kingdom's ambassador to the country.

During their trip, they also decided to visit the home of the woman who murdered their daughter. 

Accompanied by Indonesian officials, Al Balwi and his wife made the journey to Cirebon, Java, to meet the domestic worker and her family. 

The visit divided people on Twitter...

Some thought visiting the domestic worker was uncalled for...

"You forgave her, that's good and may God grant you good things in return, but to go visit her, that's just naive... kindness and morals aren't like this."

Others were shocked by the parents' decision

"How did they endure seeing her?"

"This isn't normal"

Many weren't able to wrap their heads around the news

"It's true that this is their personal business but to visit someone who murdered their infant daughter is honestly so frustrating." 

Not everyone stood against the visit though

"You don't know what's in their hearts." 

"This represents Saudi people's forgiving nature and goodness"

Many just wished them well...

"May God give them patience and grant them good things in return." 

Amid the controversy over the news, Al Balwi responded with a statement

In a statement he gave on MBC's Ma'ali Al Mowaten, Al Balwi explained the reasons behind his decision to forgive the woman who murdered his child.

"I decided to give up my rights in the case and forgive the domestic worker because this is what I felt was right and what God would later reward me for." 

When asked to share details about the invitation he received from Indonesian officials and his subsequent trip to the country, Al Balwi said: 

"We received an invitation from the Indonesian embassy in the kingdom several times and in the end decided to accept it. We are Muslims and forgiveness is the base of our religion.  We were warmly welcomed in the domestic worker's village and also met her young son."

When the show's host pressed on asking the victim's father why he and his wife felt the need to visit the domestic worker, he reiterated his previous statements, saying that as a family they believe in forgiveness no matter the situation.