7-year-old Saudi Hala Al Anzi is the epitome of resilience and an example of staying true to one's self throughout life's difficulties. 

Despite being diagnosed with cancer at the tender age of five, and losing her ability to walk and talk, Hala has defied the hardship and held onto her big dreams.

Having always been interested in fashion, Hala proudly dresses up to the nines and flaunts her stylish outfits in professional photo shoots, becoming Saudi Arabia's first model with special needs. 

"Hala Al Anzi defies disability, confidently expresses herself and insists on becoming an example for everybody as the first Saudi model [with special needs]."

Hala has always been smart, outgoing and full of life, her mother told Sayidaty magazine, adding that Hala stands out from the rest of her siblings with her vibrant personality and high self-esteem. 

When she was five years old, Hala was diagnosed with brain cancer and underwent surgery that left her unable to walk or talk.

Since then, she has seen improvement in her abilities after undergoing extensive therapy and rehabilitation at an organization for children with special needs in Riyadh. 

Source: Twitter

Hala has always had a passion for fashion and media, as she loves to dress up in meticulously coordinated outfits - this did not change after the diagnosis. 

With the help of Saudi fashion designer Amira Al Ghath and photographer Turki Abdullah, Hala is well on her way to becoming a model.

She also hopes to pursue a career in fashion and become a fashion designer for people with special needs.

"With hope, we can make miracles happen," says Hala

When asked about the message she would like to send to children with special needs, Hala said, "With hope, we can make miracles happen."

She added that kids like her have the same potential as their able-bodied counterparts, as they can accomplish whatever they set their minds to.

The Arab fashion world has actually seen significant strides in the inclusion of people with special needs. Earlier this month, the Arab Fashion Week in Dubai dedicated a runway for the International Dwarf Fashion Show, which featured models who are less than four feet (121 cm) tall.