A social media user in Saudi Arabia mocked a cleaner last week, leading many to jump to the worker's defense in a big way.

Sharing a photo of the man looking into the window of a shop selling blingy gold necklaces, the social media user criticized the cleaner.

"This man only deserves to look at trash," the caption with the image said.

But, others on Twitter were quick to critique the mockery and turn things around dramatically. They started a campaign to buy the worker one of the necklaces he was admiring.

First they tracked him down

"Peace, mercy and blessings of God. If anyone of you knows this worker, please let me know because I want to offer him a set of gold."

And find him they did!

And the man was given a gold necklace!

Others on social media have said they also want to give the man necklaces. One user also said he would give the man 2,000 Saudi riyals ($533).

Sure, haters gonna hate ... but lovers gonna love as well!