A Moroccan hijabi was crowned "Miss Arab Veil" 2018 during a ceremony held in Egypt on Sunday. Twenty-five-year-old Nisrine El Kettani was crowned during the final event of the annual pageant which celebrates the beauty of women who wear the veil. 

El Kettani had competed with fifteen contestants from across the Arab world. She and her runner-ups, Egyptian Mayada Mohammad and Moroccan Elham Bo Addas, were selected by a jury consisting of several political and cultural figures. 

Speaking to Egypt News, Al Kettani expressed her joy at winning the title and said she was encouraged to take part in the pageant after tens of her followers on social media told her she could win. 

El Kettani posted a Facebook message to her followers after the crowning

In a video she posted on her official Facebook page soon after she was crowned, El Kettani thanked everyone who supported her and said she was proud to represent Arab women at the event.

The pageant is now making the rounds online

Soon after the beauty contest wrapped up, news of the crowning started to circulate on various social media platforms. 

Many are congratulating the newly crowned winner

"You deserve it"

Not everyone had positive things to say though, some criticized the entire pageant

"How is she considered a hijabi when she's wearing full makeup and walking up and down a runway. A hijab isn't only about covering your hair. This has nothing to do with the veil." 

Others chimed in with comments like this...

"Is this what a hijab is!! A veil is meant to cover a woman up not attract attention and cameras to her." 

However, many defended the concept of the pageant and hit back at them

"What's all this attack for? Why is everyone attacking this young woman? Some comments are just disgusting. People have no shame these days, no one has respect for other human beings anymore."