Israeli actress, Gal Gadot, has been at the center of controversy ever since news of her role in the film Wonder Woman began making the rounds.

The movie was eventually banned in a number of Arab countries, including Lebanon and Tunisia, because Gadot, the lead actress, is a former Israeli soldier who publicly supported Israel's bombing of Gaza in 2014.

People have been trolling Gadot on Twitter ever since ... and it hasn't stopped, thankfully. It all started when Twitter user @themycira complimented the ex-IDF soldiers' Oscar 2018 look in a tweet which read:

"She's really trying to kill me."

People couldn't help but respond ... with FACTS

More facts

And then came that one tweet that broke the internet...

It's been re-tweeted over 44,000 times!

Over-exaggeration was the way to go

"Gold star tweet"

"If only I could retweet this over and over again"

Introduction to SHADE 101

Two words: "I'M SCREAMING"

"My jaw is gone from my face"


And then there were those grammar freaks...