On Sunday, the 90th Academy Awards ceremony saw representation take center stage ... and it happened during none other than Keala Settle's performance of "This Is Me" from the film The Greatest Showman.

A hijabi took part in the performance of the song as one of the background dancers, passionately moving to the beat of the drum with every muscle.

"The song has become an anthem for all of us who have ever had trouble marching to the beat that others drum for us ... for all of us who have ever had to find strength and beauty in what makes us different ... and then been brave enough to sing it out to the world," said actress Zendaya during the opening of the performance.

For all the hijabis who have ever felt misrepresented, this woman is just one of the many who have taken it upon themselves to break the barriers.

People on social media definitely noticed

"I adore this hijabi woman dancer"

"I am choking up thinking of all the young girls who will be inspired by her"

MOOD: *Caps Lock On*

"We really are breaking barriers"

Tears ... lots of them followed

"I am crying, please excuse me"

"That hijabi was getting down"

"Giving it her 101%"

"My life is completed"

This. Is. Me.

Watch the epic performance below: