Lebanese photographer Fadi BouKaram embarked on a mission late last year to blog about every town, village or city in the United States that's named after his home country, Lebanon. 

BouKaram grew up in Beirut and lived through the horrors of the Lebanese civil war. At some point, he had to get out and ended up in the United States. 

Upon his arrival, BouKaram decided to look up Lebanon on Google Maps. To his surprise, the search gave him a number of destinations located just kilometers away - on the same continent. 

That's when he decided to found LebanonUSA - a blog where he writes in depth pieces about his U.S. road trips to the various destinations named Lebanon - 47 to be exact

BouKaram searches for a ray of hope in these destinations, hoping that the Lebanon he grew up in could be as peaceful as the different Lebanons he would eventually explore. 

"This was as close to an alternate universe as can be, where New Lebanon represented what Old Lebanon should’ve been like. Maybe one day it will happen, and maybe it won’t," BouKaram wrote after visiting New Lebanon in New York. 

There are 47 Lebanons in America, and here's a glimpse of a few of them. 

To check out more of BouKaram's work and journey, please click on this link. 

1. Lebanon, Kentucky

2. Lebanon, Ohio

3. Lebanon, Virginia

4. Lebanon, Tennessee

5. Lebanon, Missouri

6. Lebanon, Pennsylvania

7. Lebanon, Indiana

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8. Lebanon, South Dakota

9. Lebanon, Michigan

10. Lebanon, Kansas

11. Lebanon, Nebraska

12. Lebanon, New Hampshire

13. Lebanon, Wisconsin

14. Lebanon, Colorado

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15. Lebanon, Maine

16. Lebanon, Oklahoma

17. Lebanon, New York

18. Lebanon, North Dakota

19. Lebanon, Oregon

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20. Lebanon, Louisiana

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21. Lebanon, North Carolina

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22. Lebanon, Illinois

23. Lebanon, New Jersey

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24. Lebanon, Connecticut

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25. Lebanon, Arkansas