A few months back, famous Youtuber/Instagrammer Jay Alverrez was invited to visit Dubai to film a project for his popular online pages.

The social media star, who has 5.3 million followers on Instagram and over a million subscribers on Youtube, visited the city with a group of friends, spending over a week filming his experiences. 

On Sunday, Alverrez finally shared the video project via his Youtube channel, and it has since garnered over half a million views. 

The incredible footage features a few of the city's most iconic landmarks, including the Sheikh Zayed Mosque

The adventurer is seen skydiving, scuba-diving, enjoying a desert safari and experiencing everything the wondrous city has to offer.  

Captioning teasers he shared on Instagram a day before dropping the video, Alverrez wrote: "This project was everything from blood, sweat, lust, trust, love, adrenaline, stress, bliss & magic." 

He also explained how important the trip was to him and shared his admiration for the Middle East and Dubai. 

Teasers of the video garnered hundreds of thousands of likes...

Watch the full breathtaking video here: