On the last day of May, a 13-storey block of flats collapsed into an adjacent building in Alexandria's Azarita district. 

The incident made headlines in Egypt, as hundreds of people were evacuated from their homes. 

Two weeks later, the building is in the news yet again, this time making the rounds on social media.

Still (partially) standing as authorities begin to demolish it, the tower has become somewhat of an attraction, with tens of people gathering in its surrounding area every night to watch as it collapses. 

An image of the gatherings has gone viral on social media, with hundreds sharing it. 

While it’s heartbreaking to see, to many it's also a heartwarming and even powerful reflection of a coping mechanism that millions across the Arab world resort to in the face of unimaginable circumstances: Making light of the world around them. 

The leaning tower of Azarita... taking social media by storm

The most recent image of the collapsing building is circulating on Twitter, alongside thousands of other hilarious memes and comments that were shared online in the past two weeks. 

Some compared the building to Italy's Piza tower

"Piza tower vs. the Azarita building..."  

A few were inspired by it...

"The Azarita building is now an idea... and ideas are everlasting." 

Others pointed this out...

"The Azarita building isn't the only collapsing building... this is another one in Al Fagalah." 

People shared an endless array of memes...

Others lost count of all the parodies...

And a few did away with humor and expressed their outrage