The cabin crew of Turkish Airlines had quite the surprise last week when one female passenger began experiencing birth contractions mid-flight.

The cabin crew assisted passenger Nafi Diaby, and eventually helped deliver a healthy baby girl, Kadiju, 12,800 meters up in the air. 

The delivery happened halfway into the flight from Guinea to neighboring Burkina Faso, and both the mother and the baby were taken to a hospital as soon as the plane landed. 

Both were said to be in good health, according to NBC News

"The cabin crew noticed that a woman passenger named Nafi Diaby, [who was] 28 weeks into her pregnancy, was suffering childbirth pains," Turkish Airlines told the BBC.

Baby on board ... quite literally!

It's not clear whether a doctor was present on board to assist with the delivery or whether the cabin crew is trained to deal with such unexpected events. 

According to the Turkish Airlines website, pregnant women expecting a baby "can fly with a doctor's report that states they are fit to fly by air carriage between 28 to 35 weeks."  

Mabrouk is in order!

How adorable is this?