During Palm Sunday celebrations in Egypt, bombs blasted through two of the country's churches in Tanta and Alexandria. The horrific attacks left at least 49 people dead and hundreds others injured.

In the wake of the attacks, Egypt's President Abdul Fattah al-Sisi declared a three-month state of emergency in the country.

The news of the twin bombings was widely covered on Televisions across the Arab world and shared on social media.

The stories of the people who lost their lives are truly heartbreaking. 

Unimaginable loss

"One of the youngest victims of the attack on Alexandria's church. I'll refrain from sharing the image circulating online of her mother looking on as she lay lifeless on the ground... because it truly is too heartbreaking."

"Fadi Ramsis, a student at Tanta University has succumbed to wounds he sustained during the Saint George church attack."

"Egyptian police officer Emad El-Rakiby, sacrificed his life to protect thousands inside the church."

"In him we find peace and truth... the final words of a priest killed in the attacks."

Images that speak a thousand words

"In Egypt, the leaves of Palm Sunday are covered in blood."