It's the holy month of Ramadan, a time for family, spiritual renewal, giving to the poor and reflecting on life.

But terrorists have marred the first week of fasting with a string of attacks, leaving dozens of Muslims dead. In Iraq and Afghanistan, more than 100 people have been killed and hundreds more have been injured by bombs.

Two car bombs went off in Baghdad on Monday, leaving 26 dead and wounding dozens, according to the BBC. A huge suicide bomb went off at rush hour on Wednesday morning near the diplomatic area of Kabul, killing at least 90 and injuring 400, according to CNN. Although the dust is still settling in Kabul, reports say the majority of the casualties were local civilians. 

The so-called Islamic State (Daesh) claimed responsibility for the twin attacks in Baghdad. In Kabul, the main groups carrying out terrorist acts have been Daesh and the Taliban. The latter has denied responsibility for this week's Ramadan attack. 

On social media, many are heartbroken and outraged by the senseless violence. While terrorist attacks are always painful, many believe the fact that these have been carried out during the holy month demonstrate just how fundamentally opposed to Islam groups like Daesh really are.

The primary victims of extremists groups such as Daesh – which 70,000 Islamic clerics officially condemned in a fatwa in 2015 – are Muslims. The atrocities carried out in the West, from Nice to Berlin to Orlando, are only a small fraction compared to the gruesome slaughter IS has brought to Syria and Iraq, as well as other Arab countries.

This group has not only brutally raped and slaughtered fellow Muslims, it has gone so far as to carry out an attack on the holiest city in Islam, Mecca, targeting the mosque where the Prophet Mohammed is buried last year. Not only did the group target Mecca, it carried out the attack during Ramadan as well.

Yet the Islamophobic rhetoric in the West persists, blaming Muslims collectively for terrorism. They are told to change the way they dress. They are kicked off planes for speaking Arabic. Even Muslim children are eyed with suspicion and arrested when they bring impressive inventions to school. 

Muslims are thus killed by terrorists in one part of the world, and then demonized in another.  When will the violence and misunderstandings end?