No one suffers more from terrorism than Muslims do. Time and again, Muslims are collectively blamed for acts of violence. 

Time and again, Muslims apologize for religious extremists killing in the name of religion. 

Now an Islamophobe decided to tweet directly at Muslim-Australian lawyer and social commentator Mariam Veiszadeh asking her what steps she takes in identifying and exposing extremists ... what because she's Muslim?

She responded with a humor BOMB!

Not the first troll that targets Veiszadeh

In 2015, Veiszadeh made global headlines after months of cyber-bullying "for simply speaking out against bigotry." 

At the time, Australians stood right behind her with a social media campaign under the hashtag #IStandWithMariam. 

Her experiences of cyber-bullying have been cited as a case study in several publications and books including in Tara Moss’ ‘Speaking Out’.  

Veiszadeh is an Ambassador for Welcome to Australia, a program that aims to provide a positive voice for asylum seekers, refugees and multiculturalism. 

In 2015, she was listed as one of "12 women changing the world," a list put together by Elle Magazine Malaysia. 

She was awarded the Westpac 'Woman of Influence' Award that same year.