Rami Malek Lucy Boynton

Tabbouleh: it's delicious, refreshing, and satisfying. But there's one tiny catch, the little pieces of parsley sometimes (most of the time) sneak their way in between your teeth.

And that's when the "tabbouleh effect" came into play.

Definition: The act of checking your teeth after eating the parsley-based bowl of embarrassment.

It seems as though Rami Malek and his girlfriend Lucy Boynton have adapted the after-tabbouleh defense mechanism - and these photos are proof:

Lucy Boynton: "I had tabbouleh for lunch, is there anything in my teeth?"

Rami Malek: "NO"

Source: Jetss

Lucy Boynton: "Please check my teeth"

Rami Malek: "They're cleaner than ever, and you're more beautiful than ever"

Lucy Boynton: "EW, you have tabbouleh and zaatar in your teeth"

Rami Malek: "Well, so do you!"

Lucy Boynton: "Smile wider, I think I see something green back there"

Rami Malek: "CHEEEESE"

Lucy Boynton: "Do you s...?"

Rami Malek: "Yes, parsley everywhere"

Lucy Boynton: "Tabbouleh everywhere!!!"

Rami Malek: "Oh God ... the embarrassment"

Lucy Boynton: "I don't wanna show you"

Rami Malek: "Come on, please"

Lucy Boynton: "My teeth are clean, I checked them already"

Rami Malek: "Mine aren't and I'm not going to show you"

Lucy Boynton: "Clean?"

Rami Malek: "Beauty!"

Lucy Boynton: "Let's smile at the same time and see if we spot tabbouleh"

Rami Malek: "Yalla, go!"