Dubai-based photographer Marta Lamovsek is using her artistic talent to challenge gender norms and the concepts of masculinity and femininity. 

In an interview with The National, Lamovsek said "it's the masculinity and femininity in balance that I find immensely beautiful, that's why my work is gender neutral: I portray humanity," she said.

"And for me, a man who is not afraid to show his feminine side; that's a powerful man."

As an advocate for equality, the Slavic woman fights for the erasure of discrimination based on gender, race, nation, and social class.

Her photo series is just a stepping stone for that end goal. Here's a look:

Embracing Emirati culture to the core

Cats, colors, and poses

Nose rings and long hair

Flowers and rings

Henna tattoos and curly locks

Warriors and red blossoms

Dynamic cultures and vibrant colors

The photo series challenges traditional hegemonic definitions of masculinity and femininity. For example, society typically associates the color pink with femininity and the color blue with masculinity. Piercings are for women; as are flowers. 

Lamovsek is defying those definitions with pure artistry. 

Check out more of her awesome artwork on Instagram.