Arabs react to Kylie Jenner becoming youngest billionaire, Kylie Jenner

Life: a sequence of loans, debts, bills, and low-wage jobs. But hey, some people get out of it ... while others are never born into it. 

Do you think that $5 you're saving by not getting your daily dose of Starbucks will make you rich in a year or 10? No, it won't, but it's important to always dream big, right? 

Forbes Magazine enchanted the world this week with the news of U.S. reality TV star Kylie Jenner becoming the world's "youngest self-made billionaire" ... ever. At 21-years-old, Jenner is richer than most of us can ever hope to be. All rise for a round of applause for the cash magnet, her wildly successful make-up company Kylie Cosmetics

Her record-breaking title got people wondering whether she deserves the "self-made" bit, as she was obviously aided by her wealthy, famous family. 

Even had a say on this, tweeting, "Haven't we gone over this?Self-made: Having succeeded in life unaided."

Arabs, too, had so much to say and even more tears to cry over this news. 

The rare ones who thought "she deserves it"

And the many who doubt the "self-made" part is true

"What's this self-made billionaire thing. Did she start working when she was in kindergarten?"

"What's the definition of self-made in her country?"

Could you imagine Kylie Jenner serving you at Starbucks?

"If you don't have a sister like Kim, don't even dream of becoming a self-made billionaire"

What's the difference? A billion dollars, $2.29 ... all the same

"Kylie Jenner made a billion dollars and she's still 21-years-old. I'm 21 and I've only saved up like 40 Egyptian pounds ($2.29)." 

"I am still stuck in college"

"And they ask why most of us are depressed"

The only "3a2belik" worth receiving

Life seems unfair to many, but from different perspectives

Many resorted to burns

Her daughter, though ... she's set for life

"The best thing is that Stormi won't need to prepare for the future; hers is ready-made already."