An intermediate school student acquired a firearm from his house and shot towards his school's teachers' lounge in Saudi Arabia, Okaz reported on Tuesday.

This came after the student got into a fight with his peer at the Prince Sultan Bin Abdulaziz Intermediate School for Boys in Ar-Radha village on Monday.

According to Ibrahim Al-Hazmi, a spokesperson for the education department in Sabya area, the incident did not result in any injuries nor serious damages.

Teachers intervened and broke up the fist fight, the reasons of which remain unclear, between the two students. One of the students, a ninth grader, then sneaked out of school and passed by his house, which is located near the school.

He returned with a gun and headed towards the teachers' lounge, where the other student was in detention. When teachers shut the door and stopped him from entering, he fired two shots towards the lounge.

He then left the school and shortly returned without the gun, and was subsequently held up in a class until authorities arrived.

Al-Hazmi assured that authorities have launched an investigation into the incident, adding that they will take the necessary measures against those involved.

He added that the education department is working on promoting mechanisms that support positive behavior among students on one hand and detect behavior infractions on the other.

The penalties the student and his guardians will face are yet to be determined.

Not the first school shooting in the kingdom

Back in May 2017, a shooting and stabbing rampage by a disgruntled former employee left two employees dead and a security guard wounded at the Kingdom Schools in Riyadh.

An Iraqi former Islamic studies teacher carried out the attack, but no students were present at the time of the incident.

School officials said the former employee had been fired four years prior to the attack due to anger issues and an unstable personality. The school made it clear that the incident was not terrorism-related.